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Company Profile
Management Structure
Core Value
Quality Administration System

Teda Group’s products and service are widely used and welcomed both domestically and internationally. It has developed and implemented a high level quality management system to improve management of the company and to better satisfy the needs of our customers. Always focusing on quality together with health, safety and environment protection, Teda Group’s quality administration system is searching for the balance between all these points and its own benefit.

Process approach
Teda Group has adopted the process approach to quality management. The figure below is a conceptual illustration of the Quality Process Approach Chart in Teda Group.

Quality Policy
Teda group is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through an uncompromising commitment to quality. These high standards are realized through the following practices:

  1. An open door policy that enables all personnels to bring to management’s attention any concerns regarding quality achievement and customer satisfaction.
  2. Personnel performing their work in a manner that ensures products and services meet all quality requirements.
  3. Enabling personnel to carry out their responsibilities by providing the necessary training, resources, and work environment.
  4. The development of a multi-disciplinary collaborative team structure throughout all activities of the company.
  5. The application of high standards to business conduct, including contacts with customers, co-workers, and collaborators.

Quality Objectives
Teda group has established a quality system that is designed to meet domestic and worldwide regulatory standards for its products and service. The key applicable regulatory standards include:
1.API Q1, API Quality Management Systems
2.ISO 9001:2008, ISO Quality Management Systems Requirements
3.ISO/TS 29001:2010, ISO, Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries – Sector quality management systems

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