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Company Profile
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Core Value
Health, Satety & Environment

Teda Group’s products and service are widely used and welcomed both domestically and internationally. It has developed and implemented a high level HSE system to improve management of the company and to better satisfy the needs of our customers, employee and environment. Always focusing on health, safety and environment protection during all phases of company activities, Teda Group’s HSE system is pursuing the sustainable development among customers, employees, the enterprise and the society

Process approach
Teda Group has adopted the process approach to HSE system. The figure below is a conceptual illustration of the HSE Process Approach Chart in Teda Group.

Society Responsibility: With responsibility on sustainable development of whole society
Company Policy: TEDA Group has special policy on health, safety and environment to direct company’s whole HSE practices.
Company HSE System: TEDA Group has detailed regulation, system and organization to execute company HSE policy.
Employee Realization: Eventually, each employee shall bear relative individual responsibility to meet company HSE System after be well trained.

HSE Policy
Teda Group accepts our responsibility to protect the health and safety of our employees and the environment they work around, their families and the public. We provide customers satisfied products, abide by the national law and prevention pollution; saving resource and manufacture comply with the procedure. Health, safety and environmental performance are core values of our Group and will be managed as central part of our business to benefit employees, neighbors and customers. Teda Group is committed to serve our customers with the most advanced technology and equipment in the most responsible attitude. All of Teda Group’s employees are responsible for the Group’s achievement of measurable and long-time-running improvement.

We focus on: “What we can do, What we should do”
We concentrate on:

  1. The company's ability to continuously improve products and services, while protecting its people and the environments in which they work and live.
  2. Protection of the health and safety of our employees, customers and contractors.
  3. The proactive integration of quality, health, safety & environment objectives into management systems at all levels
  4. after being well trained

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